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BA Illustration

The Illustration program at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences combines the classical arts such as painting, drawing and printmaking with the fascination of contemporary design using modern, digital techniques.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 6 Semesters
Starting in: September, March
Tuition Fee: EU applicants: 708 € monthly
Non-EU applicants: 12,100 € yearly
Location: Berlin, Hamburg

Illustrations visualize complex content in newspapers, magazines, infographics, advertisements, posters, websites and apps. They tell stories in picture books and comics and create entire films or virtual worlds in storyboards and concept arts.

Il|lus|tra|re [lat.] (v.): bring to light; visualize

Due to the development of digital media, working methods, requirements, technical workflows and application spectra are also subject to constant change. Nevertheless, the art of drawing is indispensable as the basis of craftsmanship and as an elementary cultural technique for communication and idea generation.

To illustrate means to invent images, to develop one’s own visual language, to experiment, to think and work visually. But it also means translating texts into graphic ideas, researching a wide variety of topics, finding adequate solutions – and always remaining curious.

In the Illustration bachelor’s programme at our university, you will learn exclusively from renowned lecturers from the creative industry and you can use the professional equipment of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences for analogue and digital techniques for your study projects.

The focus of our teaching is on your individual development in small learning groups and a friendly, familiar and creative atmosphere. Through our interdisciplinary selection of subjects, a variety of practice-oriented projects, and a semester abroad or internships, you can actively influence your studies and career path.

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“There is really a lot of emphasis on practice. As a student you quickly gain project experience and many contacts.”

Lea // Digital Creative Art Designer // Alumna